Language Analysts, Linguists and Translators

Company Name:
Legal Interpreting Services
Company Overview
LIS is accredited and certified by multiple U.S. and international entities, reflecting the competency, authority, and credibility of LIS within the language service industry. Our key officers maintain official certificates and adhere to the quality and security standards incorporated by the U.S. government, state and federal agencies and Fortune 500 companies. LIS is a certified woman-owned business and a certified small business.
The ideal candidate will perform in the role of a Primary Level Linguist and will be responsible for the full range of activities in processing material or participating in situations requiring advanced capability to perform translation, transcription and interpretation in support of the US Interagency work. In addition, the incumbent will perform "ancillary" linguistic activities, which include but are not limited to the following, are: blogging, collection, content management, editing, language training, monitoring, quality control, scanning, selection, subject matter expertise, summarizing/ gisting, terminology management, translation-related
, triage, workflow, writing reports, writing analysis. Ensuring professional performance during working hours; demonstrating appropriate personal behavior during leisure hours.
Duties and Responsibilities
Can translate a wide variety of complex texts that may contain difficult, idiomatic, scientific, and colloquial writing.- Can capture subtleties, nuance, tone and register.- Text might include commentary reflecting specific culture to analysis to argumentation and translator can capture meaning of socio-cultural elements embedded in text.- Expression reflects native usage.
Able to interpret at virtually all levels, including complex or highly complex idiomatic speech with a very high degree of accuracy.
Has excellent command in terms of speaking and comprehension of one or more dialects.
Can successfully render expressions specific to a culture, and convey almost all subtleties and nuances appropriately.
Reviews audio materials writes/transcribes information from the target language into English with a high-degree of accuracy and expression.
Must be familiar with the communications collection equipment and have basic knowledge on its operation
Must be familiar with basic investigative terminology and trends and any relative concerns regarding the investigations
Must be familiar with minimization requirements for intercepted communications and proper handling instructions
Prompt and regular attendance.
Other duties as assigned by senior Legal Interpreting Services management.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Near native proficiency in reading, writing and speaking in at least one of the following- languages: Sudanese, Russian, Farsi (Persian), MS Arabic, Standard Arabic, Pashto, Chinese (Mandarin), Turkish, Kurdish (Sorani), Kurdish (Kurmanji), Spanish
Must also have near native proficiency in reading, writing and speaking in English.
Has a good understanding of regional dialects.
Adheres to translation/transcription/interpretation protocols.
Very good
skills MS applications, Internet research.
Can review another linguist's work for accuracy of content and quality of written expression commensurate with his/her own ability as a translator.
This position will interact with both internal and external customers to include members of Legal Interpreting Services Senior Management and the US Interagency
Security Requirements
Candidate must be able to successfully pass a background and drug screening as a condition of employment. Currently, Linguists must possess and maintain a government issued security clearance for the duration of employment.- The selected individual may/will be subject to a Government security background investigation and must meet eligibility and suitability requirements. Clearance level requirement may be subject to change at the government's discretion. - In this event, you will be required to obtain and maintain the required clearance for the duration of your employment. Incumbent may be selected at a higher or lower clearance level as specified by any change made by the Government.
Additional Requirements
Must be a U.S. Citizen
If you are interested and qualified for this position, reach out to us at employment@lis-translations.com

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