Data Analyst - Energy

Job Description:
Data Analyst - Energy Description: IMG-Crown has an opening for a Data Analyst to support survey operations at the U.
Energy Information Administration.
This includes survey support from data collection through analysis and ultimately report publication.
The candidate will work as part of an integrated Team and may assist in the analysis of data collected by weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual national energy surveys.
The data analyst will serve as frontline communicator with survey respondents, helping to troubleshoot issues and resolve anomalous reported data.
This opportunity is conveniently located near the LEnfant Plaza and Smithsonian Metro Stations at the U.
Department of Energy.
Data Analyst - Energy Duties Include: Employing multiple analysis techniques on reported survey data to identify errors, omissions, or inconsistencies within microdata and aggregated data sets.
Communicating with survey respondents to verify reported data.
Working effectively with Team members to deliver quality data sets on a strategic schedule.
Sharing your experiences through summary and knowledge transfer activities so that the Team can continually improve baseline operations.
Participating in ad hoc analytical projects, for example, impacts of survey form changes.
Compensation Range: Entry Level $42,000-$45,000

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