Catholic Music Director

SCOPE: The JBAB Roman Catholic Music Director will participate in, and coordinate, all music requirements for the Roman Catholic liturgical program at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling under the direction of the Roman Catholic Chaplain/Priest in charge of Roman Catholic programs, the Contract Monitor (CM) and the JBAB Senior Joint Base Chaplain. Place of Performance: JBAB Chapel 1, BLDG 3610310 Angell St. SW, Washington, DC20032 US Period of Performance- Base Year plus 3 optional Years. Qualifications:. 4.1 The Contractor shall have a minimum of 1 year experience working in the capacity of music director in a parish environment. 4.2 The Contractor shall have sufficient formal training in choral arts, and a minimum of 1 year of Catholic Liturgical Music. 4.3 The Contractor shall have good resource management, budget, organization, and administration skills. 4.4 The Contractor must be recognized as being a Roman Catholic in good standing authorized to lead music during worship, by providing a Letter of Recommendation from their present Roman Catholic Parish. 4.5 The Contractor shall have sufficient understanding of the music required for Roman Catholic worship. 4.6 The Contractor shall be able to musically express the mood and style of a variety of music either vocally or by means of other musical instruments. 4.7 The Contractor shall have effective interpersonal skills to recruit, rehearse, and tutor volunteers, both children and adults, to mold them into an effective choir. Number of services3.1 Saturday worship services (52) 3.2 Sunday worship services (52) 3.3 Rehearsals (two/week) (104) 3.4 Any additional service or rehearsal units.A' (20) RESPONSIBILITES: 5.1 The Contractor shall select, schedule and plan appropriate music for liturgies, and will function as, or provide for, a Cantor for the Catholic liturgy. A written program listing music will be given to the Roman Catholic Chaplain/Priest or his designate before each liturgy. 5.2 The Contractor shall create a repertoire of congregational and choir music, traditional, classical and contemporary including the use of additional volunteer or contracted instrumentalist when appropriate and available. 5.3. The Contractor shall recruit volunteer musicians and choir members to enhance community participation and musical programming. 5.4 The Contractor shall coordinate and conduct weekly musicians' rehearsals in preparatory rehearsal; and coordinate weekly choir rehearsal and performances of special music as required by the Catholic Chaplain/Priest. 5.5 The Contractor shall provide musical direction for special services as required by the Catholic Chaplain/Priest or the Senior Joint Base Chaplain. 5.6 The Contractor shall be able to collaborate in a pluralistic chapel environment, sharing a chapel with multiple, diverse faith group users, and should be able to collaborate with the Roman Catholic Chaplain/Priest, his staff and his designates. 5.7 The Contractor shall create a budget for liturgical music in collaboration with and subject to the approval of the Roman Catholic Chaplain/Priest or his designate,. This includes a familiarization with the purchasing practices and procedures of the chapel. Also included are the organization, security and management of a music library/filing/catalogue system and full compliance with copyright laws. 5.8 The Contractor shall compile the unitsA' for all rehearsals and performances, and submit to the Roman Catholic Chaplain/Priest in a timely manner in anticipation of the fiscal year. 5.9 The Contractor shall attend the necessary planning and coordination meetings as determined by the Roman Catholic Chaplain/Priest or his designate to include parish council meetings. In addition, collaboration is expected with other Catholic program leaders for special parish/liturgy events and sacramental celebrations. 5.10 The Contractor shall abide by all applicable Government, Navy, and Chapel Instructions, including but not limited to the use of equipment and securing of the facility. 5.11 The Contractor shall submit a monthly invoice of services rendered at the end of each calendar month which shall be made electronically through Wide Area Workflow (WAWF.) 5.12 The Contractor shall personally perform the services of Music Director except in cases of emergency or planned vacation. If there is an emergency which causes the contractor to be unable to perform the services, the services will be performed by a substitute of equal or higher proficiency who shall be approved by the Catholic Chaplain/Priest or designate. Except in emergency situations, the Catholic Chaplain/Priest in charge of the service should be notified at least seven (7) days before any substitution is necessary. The Catholic Chaplain/Priest reserves the right to refuse the services of a substitute if he/she is deemed unqualified. The contractor is responsible for compensating the substitute. 5.13 The Contractor shall uphold high ethical and moral standards in keeping with Navy and Air Force Chaplain Corps standards. 5.14 The Contractor shall possess the interpersonal skills necessary to work in harmony with those involved in the Chapel music programs, as well as other chapel staff members. Additionally, the contractor must be mindful that he/she works in a military environment, and must be respectful of the chain of command and the leadership of the chapel community. 5.15 The Contractor shall work with the JBAB Chapel facility manager to secure temporary base access for visiting music groups. If interested please e-mail sarika@/call 707-765-3969.

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